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15 Mixed Sarracenia Carnivorous Plant Seeds Bug Eating CP-4

15 Mixed Sarracenia Carnivorous Plant Seeds Bug Eating CP-4

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Sarracenia Care

Sarracenia requires four hours of direct sunlight a day, with 6 to 8 hours being the best. A venus flytrap is fairly low maintenance, and will feed itself by catching bugs, however if you wish to feed it requires no more than a few per month. If you are keeping it indoors you can feed freeze dried crickets, mealworms or bloodworms.

Sarracenia require clean rainwater, distilled water or reverse osmosis water only. Most tap water is not suitable for the plants as it is too high in mineral content. The soil must be kept damp at all times but never soggy and should never be allowed to dry out. Allow to dry out to being damp to the touch between watering. You can choose to place in a deep saucer of water and allow the plant to consume water for 30-45 minutes. The plant can be watered from the bottom or top.

Sarracenia need to be repotted, the soil should be comprised of a 50:50 blend of peat moss and perlite or peat moss and horticultural grade silica sand the most important thing is to provide great drainage.  

Sarracenia Dormancy happens after summer when the days become shorter, this process is important for the health of your plant and its longevity. They will begin to slow in their growth and some may even die back completely. During this period of time keep them cool, and do not water as frequently.


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